Our Services

Just how can we help you? Below you will find a few sections and a list of what we can offer to you and your pet. We are fully professional in our work and very friendly. We love all types of animals!

Dog Walking

  • Half an Hour Walk - £8
  • One Hour Walk - £10
  • Two Hour Walk - £18
  • Second dog is half price.

For more than two dogs or for longer walks please contact us for a price.

Pet Sitting

We look after a variety of animals including: Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Fish etc.

For dog sitting at your home we offer a standard package of 3 visits per day. This includes a half an hour walk in the morning, about dinner time we come and visit them to check if they need to go out, feed, cuddles and play time. Teatime/night time they will get a half an hour walk, but we have different packages to suit your animals needs.

Other Services

  • Pond & Garden Maintenance
  • Pet Taxi (if your pet needs to go to the vets, groomer etc)

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18 Newstead Avenue,
Whitehouse Farm,
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